Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jump, Little Children & Jay Clifford

For those of you not yet familiar with the band Jump, Little Children - they kind of a semi-secret favorite past time of mine. They semi-started in North Carolina, moved to Boston and then later adopted Charleston, SC as their hometown. They love Charleston and we loved them.

However, when they were really into the scene here I wasn't smart enough to realize that some good things just don't last. Especially really good things.

Needless to say - I never got to see them live. I sort of figured they'd always be here.

And well - they sort of are.

Jay Clifford, the singer of JLC, still lives here and has been working on a solo career. Upon discovering this (probably also belatedly) I came across this tune:

Pretty catchy, especially if you're already into the original JLC stuff. And if you're not familiar - here's one of their bigger hits:

Funny side note - this video is shot in the venue where I ended up catching Wu-Tang Clan (sans ODB) with my good friend Chucks (whom you'll probably all become familiar with as I write more - we tend to find ourselves in some interesting antics).