Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today's People

Current events are getting interesting.

Take a look at the current revolts in Egypt.

And the "green revolution" in Iran a year or two ago - similar deal.

Sudan may be dividing peacefully after the nightmare that was simply know as "Darfur" which amounted to attempted genocide (from what I understand).

Tunisia - similar deal to Egypt though it's not getting nearly the same coverage. It appeared to have been what sparked Egypt's people to get out of their houses and get moving.

I don't know what to really make of it all. I see opportunity for positive change but only time will tell the result of that.

Same goes for the western occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

What interests me though - my ignorance of the world shows strongly when I start to really think about it: how many of these places did I *really* know anything about until everything went crazy with each? How do I even personally know all of this is really happening? Have we really always been at war with Eurasia? Or was it Eastasia?

With that said - I suspect the majority of the entirely population of the world simply wants to lived and be left the hell alone. It's probably 1000 men and women who control most of the violence in our world. Is that really fair?

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