Monday, January 31, 2011


You know what really grinds my gears? People who complain about taxes. And don't vote.

Or people who complain about cops. Because they get caught...breaking the law.

These types obviously are disconnected from what the problems really are and perceive the immediate signs as "obviously" being the problem.

Hate not haven't enough money? To hell with taxes.

Hate that you can speed or smoke pot freely? To hell with cops.


If you have a problem with it - then vote. These are mostly legislative matters. That is - matters for your congressmen and women to answer to. That's the beauty of a democracy.

The problem is that our peers that do vote are greedily chugging down information from news outlets that gather large audience members from shock media. However, much of the information they deliver isn't just skewed or taken out of context - much of it is often patently false.

Mind you - I'm not the best voter either. But I'll typically keep my heated arguments away from fires I know nothing about because I know better. It's a large undertaking to digest all the data that's flying left and right (harhar). And that's precisely why we DO rely on our journalists to get it right. But good journalism is hard to find these days?


People like us.

Factual news is boring. Sensational news isn't.

It's the same reason Jersey Shore is thriving and other equally jacked up avenues of entertainment. The same reason both Bill O'Reily and Michael Moore gather such large audiences.

You want to complain about the constraints of the world around you - don't blame the results. Blame yourselves.

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